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College of Art & Design - Vision

The College of Art & Design aims at nurturing the knowledge and skills of young women with creative talents for visual art and design.

College of Art & Design - Vision

From a regionally unique Foundation course, the Royal University for Women’s Faculty of Art and Design aims to become the major regional centre for high-level education and training for women in the arts, design, media and computing industries. The Faculty offers intellectual, technical and artistic programmes that engage students and faculty and the community in collaboration, dialogue and discovery.

In addition to the Diploma in Foundation studies, the faculty offers Bachelor’s degree programmes in Graphic Design, Fashion Design, as well as Interior Design.. These programmes are highly flexible and offer students the possibility to pursue a specialist area of their choice whilst designed to offer portfolios to be proud of, preparing them for careers in business, industry or government as well as for further graduate studies.

Well-qualified experienced professors, teachers and technical staff pursue an integrated, innovative approach to learning and are concerned to provide students with every opportunity to engage with current philosophies, technologies and processes as they develop their creative design work, professional practice and computing skills. To this end there is an extensively equipped range of teaching rooms, studios, laboratories and workshops.

The provision of industrial experience and professional practice is integral to all the degree programmes. Through links with local and regional industry, as well as organizations abroad, students are able to gain an understanding and experience of business and commerce.

By providing a high quality learning environment and the pursuit of excellence in teaching and research, the faculty of Art and Design seeks to become the faculty of choice for Art and Design and aims to be known for the strength of its undergraduate and graduate degrees and for its contributions to the regional economic development.