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Tuition Fees

Fees for each academic session are approved annually and published on the RUW web site Final fee is confirmed at the time of registration.

Registration, Administration and Campus Fee 300 BD/- per semester. This is a non-refundable fee required of all students to confirm their registration.

English for Acacdemic Success Programme

EAS Level 1LSC 101665 BD
EAS Level 2LSC 201915 BD
RWC 201915 BD

Undergraduate Degree Course Fees per Credit

Degree Programme fees are charged on a credit per course basis. A full programme is normally 30 credits per academic year; degree completion requires a minimum of 120 credits.

Programme Tuition Fee per Credit

Bachelor of Arts180 BD
Bachelor of Business160 BD
Bachelor of Science170 BD
Bachelor of Law180 BD
Master of Design Management200 BD

Liberal Arts Requirements are charged at the rate of the College or Programme that offers them.

Other University Fees (Non-refundable)

Application Fee
Required before application can be processed
25 BD
English Placement Test Fee
Required for programme placement
25 BD
Transfer Credit/Course Exemption Application Fee
Paid in advance of evaluation for transfer credit/exemption
25 BD
Programme Change Fee
Payable for change of degree programme or major
50 BD
Grade Appeal Fee
Payable for each appeal
25 BD
Supplemental / Deferral Examination Fee
Payable for each supplemental / deferral examination
25 BD
Late Registration Fee
Registration deadline published annually on web site
50 BD
ID Card Replacement Fee25 BD
Graduation Fee50 BD

Academic Dormitory Fees

A limited number of Residence rooms are available on Campus. See Residence Fee Schedule.

Note: Fees must be paid in Bahraini Dinars before the Semester begins. Payment should be made to:

Royal University for Women
Khaleeji Commercial Bank,
A/C No: 01 00 00 1015 007
Swift Code: KHCBBHBM

Branch: Head Office: Zamil Tower Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

  • All bank transfers / processing charges are to be paid by the Transferring student
  • Please ensure the student's full name and Passport Number are written correctly