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VIVA presentation of Ms. Hessa Salem Ajaj Ahmed Ajaj for her Master of Design Management thesis

05,Oct 2017

On Thursday, October 5th, 2017, Ms. Hessa Salem Ajaj Ahmed Ajaj presented her Master of Design Management Thesis entitled "The Impact of Design Management on Corporate Identity Perception - The Case Study of Bahraini Restaurants". The Viva panel was formed of: Dr. Samaa Al Hashimi from UOB, Dr. Abuelainain Mohammed Hussain from CAD and Dr. Nehal Alnaggar from CBFS.

The Viva began with the student presenting a summary of her thesis and findings. This was followed by the discussion of the Viva panel and concluded with the deliberation of the Viva panel's decision.

The Viva was also attended by CAD Dean, CAD and RUW faculty members, Master programme students and others.