COLLEGE OF ART & DESIGN - Faculty Members

The College of Art and Design is home to some of the most exciting academic programmes at the Royal University for Women.

Dr. Hadeel Regal
Acting Dean of the College of Art and Design and Head of Postgraduate Studies
College of Art and Design

Dr. Hadeel Regal, Associate Professor of Interior Architecture, Head of the post Graduate Programme, College of Art &Design,RUW, has over 27 years in both academic and professional field experience. Dr. Regal is a Ph.D. (2004) and Master’s degree (1999) holder in Fine Arts, Interior Architecture from the Interior Design Department of Alexandria University. Her Ph.D. dissertation emphasized in “Interior Architecture Between Globalization and National Identity.” In academia she has worked as an associate professor in the Faculty of Fine Art, Alexandria University; Associate Professor and Staff member of Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport; Associate Professor in the Faculty of Art and Design, Interior Design Department at American University of Madaba, Jordan. She has been an academic advisor for Ph.D. and Master’s students, and has participated in numerous conferences and played vital roles in organizing committees. Dr. Hadeel continually searches for new inspiration, superior design and representational skills, and clarity in communication with openness to collaboration. 

She has a strong commitment to innovative teaching practices, cultural awareness, concern about architecture, low cost interior solutions, the re-use, adaptation and transformation of existing interior architecture: restoration, renovation, and rehabilitation of old buildings, advanced visualization, digital fabrication, critical practice, theoretical and conceptual design, Human space, spatial design, furniture design. As well as various specializations, interfacing with and nurturing relationships with design professionals and the community, and stays savvy on current design trends.

As an Interior Designer whose multifaceted specialties range from design of furniture, lighting, designs to human interior spaces, and all-purpose designing. She actively maintains knowledge of local and international vendors in career arenas. She is always driven to bring customized design concepts to life in order to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. 

Dr. Shweta Kinra Kalra
Head of the Design Department
Assistant Professor - Fashion Design
College of Art & Design

Telephone: 17764417

Dr Shweta Kinra Kalra is currently the Head of the Design Department at the College. She joined Royal University for Women in the AY 2012-13. Dr. Shweta received her Ph.D., Masters in Textiles and Clothing and Master’s in Education from University of Delhi, India. She also obtained certificates in Computer Aided Designing and Manufacturing from reputable institutions. Dr Shweta has also received her fellowship certificate from Higher Education Academy (HEA), UK.  Her main area of research is Traditional Textiles and its contemporization. Her interest also lies in technological developments and sustainability in the field of Textiles and Apparel Design.  

Dr. Shweta has published research papers in national and international journals and presented her work at various conferences. She has also received award for her research work, recognized internationally.  Prior to joining Royal University for Women, she had 14 years of teaching experience in the field of Textile & Apparel Design and was teaching at the prestigious college of University of Delhi. Dr. Shweta has also gained her experience working as a Research Associate on projects related to Design Development and Traditional Textiles and Clothing. She was a member of the core curriculum committees of NIOS (National Institute of School Education) and CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) in developing teaching materials for vocational courses in Apparel and Textiles.  

Her additional degree in education and her years of work, has given her in-depth experience in developing curriculums, organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, and other related activities. She has supervised many masters research dissertations and has visited as guest speaker and as a jury member in many recognized institutions. Her skills in communication made her present many shows on known TV channels and radio as a textile expert, further enhancing her professional skills.  

Dr. Nesreen Elmelegy
Head - Department of Design
Associate Professor, Fashion Design
College of Art and Design

Telephone: +973 177 64408

Dr. Nessreen Elmelegy completed her Doctoral work as a PhD researcher in the Institute of Design & Media, Fashion Design Dept., – University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover, Germany. Before joining RUW she worked as an Assistant Professor of Fashion Design in the ready-made garments Department, Faculty of Applied Arts, Damietta University, Egypt. She is also an External Auditor for the Higher Education Institutions, The National Authority for Quality Assurance & Accreditation of Education, Egypt. She also worked as a Vice Manager of the Quality Assurance & Accreditation of Education Unit, Faculty of Applied Arts. Damietta University, Egypt. And as the Head of Design Department at Royal University for Women.
She has authored many research papers in the field of Fashion Design in many International Conferences and Journals in England, Poland, Romania, Thailand, Malaysia, Kingdom of Bahrain and Egypt. She also published a book with LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.
Dr. Nessreen has successfully guided many M.Sc. and PhD. research theses at Damietta University and Royal University for Women. 
During her study in Germany, Dr. Nessreen participated as part of her PhD thesis in a research Project 'Hannover goes Fashion' as a collaboration between the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and the National Museum, Hannover- Germany.  She established and organized many fashion shows at Damietta University, Egypt and at Royal University for Women, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Dr. Nessreen has teaching experience of more than 23 years in Academia, teaching fashion design courses at Faculty of Education - Mansoura University, Faculty of Applied Arts - Damietta University, and at Royal University for Women- Kingdom of Bahrain.
Her areas of Expertise, Theoretical and Conceptual Design, Theories and recent trends in Fashion Design, Eco designs and Sustainability in Fashion Design, Historical and Contemporary Issues in Fashion Design, Theories of Transformation in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Merchandising, retailing and Branding, Fashion Styling and communication, Apparel Design and Construction process.

Dr. Najwa Rashid
Associate Professor, Graphic Design
College of Art and Design

Telephone: 17764503

PhD, in Fine Arts (with honors) 1988 University of Polytechnico, Spain, Valencia. Diploma in Graphic Design, Newtec Institute. HD of Art education in Fine Art faculty in Alhodeidah University, Republic of Yemen from 1999 to 2008. Committee Member of the Prize of the President of Republic of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh for the Fine Arts. For the years 2004, 2005, 2008. Associate Professor in Faculty of Fine Arts in Baghdad University, Design Department from 1989 to 1999. Participated in many Art exhibitions. Published many researches. Author of the book “The Form and the Content: The Duality of Participation” (in Press). Member of debate Committee of MA and PhD dissertations. Participating in many MA and PhD research seminars. Supervisor of many MA dissertations in Baghdad University, Fine Art Faculty. Designer of the Master Programme of Fine Arts in Drawing & Painting in Royal University for Women. Now she teaches in Foundation Programme in Royal University for Women, College of Art & Design since 2008.

Arch. Amina Al Hariri (Assistant Professor)
Assistant professor, Interior Design
College of Art and Design

Telephone: 17764431

Arch. Al-Hariri graduated from the Architectural College of the University of Aleppo where she attained the degree of Bachelor of Architecture Engineering, a post-graduate degree in Architectural Design in 1986 and the Master of Architectural Design Degree in 2005.

Arch. Al-Hariri has professional experience in the field of architectural and interior design for the private sector for almost 15 years, and led a team of architects who supervised the projects dealing with the re-designing, renovating and rehabilitation of traditional buildings in the old city of Aleppo, Syria.

She has thirteen years academic experience in the field of Architecture and Interior Design, She has also participated in many international architectural competitions and published many papers since 1987 on the urban planning, traditional houses, and the relationship between people and dwellings.

Arch. Al-Hariri is a member of the Bahrain Society of Engineers and member of the Order of Syrian Engineers.

Dr. Nidhi Goyal
(Assistant Professor, Fashion Design)
College of Art and Design

Telephone: 177 64408

Dr Nidhi Goyal, is currently working as an Assistant Professor, Fashion Design, College of Art and Design, Royal University for Women. She obtained her M.Sc. degree in Textile Clothing, University of Delhi and Ph.D. degree in Nanofinishing for textiles, from University of Delhi, in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi, Dept. of Textile Technology). She was awarded with 'Gold medal' for her research work from Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi, in 2015. She has also achieved the status of Fellow (HEA) In recognition of attainment against the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in higher


Her main areas of teaching & research interests are apparel design and construction, marketing and merchandising, catwalk presentation, textile finishing, sustainability in apparel and textile and image/media make up and styling nano materials & smart textiles.

She has published several research papers in international and national journals and written numerous chapters for academic books. She has presented her research work in numerous conferences and received awards to be added in her accomplishments. She has also served as guest reviewer for various international journals. She has substantial experience in academics related to pedagogic development, management and handling research projects.

She has spent considerable time in the premium institutes of India viz., University of Delhi, National Institute of Fashion Technology (Ministry of Textiles, India), and National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and grooming a number of young minds through fashion design teaching, mentoring masters' research dissertations and as a visiting jury member. 

Mrs. Sara Khalid Al Hamar
Lecturer, Graphic Design
College of Art and Design

Telephone: 17764428

MA in Design Management from Royal University for Women, Bahrain.
BA in Graphic Design from the Royal University for Women in Kingdom of Bahrain 2009. Additional degree Edexcel Diploma in Art & Design from the Royal University for Women 2006.

Courses: Research skills, Photography, Visual Rhetoric Concepts and Ideas, Applied Typography, Arabic Typography, Color and Illustration, Signs and Symbols, Visualization and Presentation of Data, Packaging and 3D design, Portfolio and Web Design.

Attended various conferences and workshops in Athens, Qatar, and Bahrain.

Ms. Sharifa Al Shaibani (Lecturer)
Interior design & Architectural design Lecturer
College of Art and Design


MA in Design Management from The Royal University, Bahrain. 2018

Professional Autodesk Certificate in Revit Architecture. 2018

BA in Interior Design from The Royal University, Bahrain. 2013

Diploma in 3D Max from New Horizon. 2012

Diploma from Edexcel with high degree in Art & Design. 2009

I started my journey here at RUW as a faculty member in 2018. I have a background knowledge about the interior designing field and I believe that I can help students excellently with what I have gained. As a bonus trait to my education I am proud to say that I have professional skills in AutoCAD and Revit Architecture from my freelancing experience. 

In February 2018, Honored by the director of the National Library in ISA CULTURAL CENTER in the Kingdom of Bahrain as "The first scientific research in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the field of Smart Buildings and its Impact on Energy Saving Strategies".

Attended and participate in various workshops and conferences in Bahrain and other countries. 

Ms. Noora Khalid Albinfalah
Lecturer, Fashion Design
College of Art and Design

Telephone: 177 64418

Ms. Noora is currently working as Lecturer, Fashion Design, College of Art and Design, Royal University for Women. She was awarded with Master of Design Management, (Distinction), 2022, and Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, 2017, from Royal University for Women. In addition, she holds a Diploma in Art and Design from Royal University for Women and Edexcel (now Pearson).

During her academic years, she participated in many fashion shows, competitions, and conferences. She was awarded with a number of prizes, including, 2nd place in poster competition, titled, ‘Empowering Fashion Market in Kingdom of Bahrain’ at RUW 2nd conference (Women and Society, 2018), Bronze medal in GCC skills competition (Fashion Technology, 2016), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1st place in Oh! My Dress Alicante Competition (2016), and in 2015 awarded with gold medal in skills Bahrain competition (Fashion Technology).

She started her career as a Teaching Assistant, 2018, in the College of Art and Design, RUW. Since 2022, as a Lecturer in College of Art and Design, she has been contributing significantly to the teaching in Foundation & Undergraduate level, academic advising administration, and research related responsibilities. She has an extensive experience in guiding Undergraduate students’ projects in the areas of mixed media, art composition, apparel designing, and Internship coordination.  As an academician with passion for fashion design, she has been organizing and participating in the fashion related events like fashion shows, exhibition, and seminars.

Ms. Noora is an active learner and have been undertaking professional development certificate courses offered by world renowned universities in London, Dubai, Bahrain and many other. She has been actively participating and attending conferences, symposium, and workshops in the areas of new developments in art, fashion, design, and management. She aims to contribute to achieve excellence for the college, university, and community.