Computer Labs

Building A - AA20 (Windows)

Available software:



Building A - AA21 (Windows)

Available software:



Building A - AA22 (Mac)

Available software:


To ensure a smooth operation of the computer labs, please follow the instructions listed below:

  • Eating or drinking are not allowed inside the labs

  • ICT resources of the University shall be used only for purposes related to or in support of the academic and education domains of the university. Private, commercial or any unlawful use of ICT resources are not allowed.

  • Users shall not attempt to exploit or jeopardize the security of computer resources or networks services. Any suspected threads should be reported to ICT department.

  • Users shall not use RUW network services or computer software in a way that leads to disruption of ICT services. Usage of P2P software is prohibited.

  • Installations or distributions of unlicensed software are not allowed.

  • Users of the University computing and networking facilities shall use these assets in a way avoiding making damages to the equipment.