Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS); a web platform designed specifically to support the delivery of teaching and learning materials and activities. The LMS enables several types of learning resources and interactive activities to be delivered online, offering our students a convenient 24/7 anywhere, anytime access.

How To Access LMS

The LMS can be accessed directly by going to the following URL or by downloading Moodle app from App store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android). If you download Moodle app to your device, it will ask you for the URL to the LMS. Make sure to enter the same URL mentioned above.  

Login to Moodle LMS

Your username is your selfservice id followd by and your password is the same password used for selfservice.

please refer to Quick reference Guide” about Moodle

Log out of Moodle


When you have finished using Moodle, log out and quit your browser.

Students who cannot log in to Moodle should contact the ICT department via

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