Architecture - Degree Program

Architects are create problem Solvers who enjoy creating structures and designs that increase efficiency and optimize spaces for communities, howeowners, and businesses. 

The BSc in Architecture is a five-year programme that takes you through an exciting academic journey full of practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and critical thinking abilities related to the built environment.

Students will learn how to create a responsive and inclusive built environment through mastering the design thinking process, the scientific underpinning, the various design representations, and the technologic solutions for buildings.

At the end of the educational process, students will be able to design architectural projects that respect people’s values, culture, and wellbeing and provide environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings. The career opportunities are diverse and cover public and private sectors, ministries, and banks, such as designer and project manager, landscape architect, interior architect, urban planner, restoration architect, and many more.

Five Reasons To Choose Us

·         The only all-women architecture programme in Bahrain.

·         Instructors with diverse backgrounds & international experience.

·         Well established links with industry.

·         Experience a high quality of education.

·         A well-equipped and state-of-the-art campus.

Key Benefits

• Putting your creativity into a building, town, or city is incredibly rewarding.

• A fascinating career: some days are spent in the office, others visit clients, and some are out on site.

• Build an appreciation of what makes our cities and buildings unique on a much deeper level.

• Promising careers with many opportunities for employability.