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College of Law

The major of Law provides a programme that is globally oriented, addresses the needs of the local market, and also leads to international careers.

Welcome note from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Law of the Royal University for Women, which was established by Decision of the Ministry of Education n° 304 dated 7 June 2012.

Despite its recent foundation, the College of Law has already achieved important goals and it plays a vital role in the achievement of RUW's main mission of excellence, providing scientific and comprehensive knowledge in the field of Legal Studies.

Our College provides a teaching that is globally oriented, addresses the needs of the local market, and also leads to international careers. Our program provides a minimum of 60% of the courses in English, for in today's world, fluency in foreign languages is a key to success.

Our students will be trained in all branches of legal studies, hence, they will be capable of leading any legal careers with success receiving an education that surveys all major legal topics. The College of Law, in tune with RUW mission and vision, enhances the intellectual capacity of the students by encouraging critical thinking through a teaching methodology based on legal theories as well as research and case study.

Furthermore, in order to provide our students with the necessary skills in terms of leadership, they will be involved in numerous extra-academic activities, seminars and conferences that are held locally or at partner institutions abroad. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to take courses abroad in many excellent Universities which are part of our network.

Our Academic team is strongly committed to the success of Law students. Dedication to the students and to their successful future is our daily mission.

Our hope is that the young women who will graduate from this College will prove to be outstanding professionals in the legal fields, excellent life-long learners and real leaders in their community, capable to be protagonists of the overall development of their country and their region.

Dr. Pasquale Borea Ph.D.

Dean of the College of Law