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Committees of the Student Council

  • Standing committees shall be the Executive Committee (chaired by the President), the Fundraising Committee (chaired by the Treasurer), the Welcome Committee (chaired by the Secretary) and the Activities Committee (chaired by the Public Relations Officer).
  • The Executive Committee shall comprise the Officers, the Mentor, and the Student Activities Officer. No meeting of the Executive Committee shall take place without either the Mentor or the Student Activities Officer in attendance.
  • The Fundraising Committee shall consist of up to five (5) members, who can be programme Representatives or other volunteers. It shall be responsible for making arrangements for identifying the charity of the year and for making all budgetary proposals for such activities as field trips, trips abroad and other activities.
  • The Welcome Committee shall consist of two (2) students from each programme and/or faculty and shall be chaired by the Secretary. It shall be responsible for providing a friendly welcome to new students and to visitors of the Royal University for Women.
  • The Activities Committee (chaired by the Public Relations Officer) is involved with the Student Activities Officer in planning the extracurricular actives, the Year Book and other activities of the Council.
  • Special committees may be appointed by the President to plan and carry out activities approved by Student Council.