Crime Scene Investigation and Criminology Workshop at Royal University for Women

04,May 2017

Royal University for Women held a two-day workshop in cooperation with on the theme “Crime Scene Investigation and Criminology” on Sunday 23 and Monday 24 April 2017. Participants included College of Law students and delegates from Police Academy, Ministry of Interior, Law firms and academics attended the event.

The event was held under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mazin M.A. Jumaah, President of the Royal University for Women and was run in cooperation with the Italian prominent training institution Advanced Security Academy of Milan. The trainers, field expert and trainers of CSI Units in Italy, were Mr. Edoardo Riva an Italian Police Officer and trainer of the CSI Units in Milan and Ms. Fabiana Althea Mazzariello, security consultant holding a Master Degree in Crime Sciences. 

The workshop covered a variety of topics including the good practices in crime scene investigations and collection of physical evidence through a methodology aiming to guide the trainees on how to act on a crime scene. The second session focused on criminology and criminal profiling and provided trainees with approaches oriented to determine the roots which lead to criminal behaviors and to determine means to prevent it. 

The workshop included a variety of hands on and practical exercises such as finger printing collection and crime solving.

Reflecting on the workshop Prof.Mazin Jumaah commended the College of Law for offering such a high caliber course that is useful and will provide an opportunity for professionals in the field to exchange ideas and practices with international experts as well as with the local professionals from a variety of fields whether legal, criminal or political sides.

On her side, 4th year College of Law student Mashael Al Qutaimi expressed her delight in undertaking the course as it was interesting, engaging and allowed her to view the matter from a scientific and crime solving side rather than the legal side. She also stated that such information is vital and will provide an edge for lawyers as they argue their cases in court and attempt to establish themselves as elite and successful lawyers. 

The workshop witnessed RUW College of Law commitment in providing service to the community beyond Academia and in linking the University with relevant industry .

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