Forensic Analytics and Accounting Technology

12,Mar 2019

Fraud prevention and detection has become a core business issue as the scale, and the impact, of fraud has grown in our digitally enabled world. In addition to strong internal controls, technologies such as regular monitoring, effective data analysis, and predicting human behavior can be used to minimize the losses from fraud and other types of misconduct. Both public and private companies and government entities can reap significant benefits from monitoring, periodic analysis, transaction testing, anomaly detection, unstructured data reviews, and pattern recognition.

- Learn about the high level overview tests such as Benford's Law and the data profile
- Learn about the drill down monitoring tests that have identified actual frauds in progress
- Learn about the reasonably-priced technologies available to run analytics tests
- Learn how to identify transactions that are outliers and anomalies
- Learn from the lessons learned at other companies and government agencies
- Opportunities to network with other professionals with similar interests
- Opportunities to network with the instructor

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