Graphic Design – 2017/2018 Enrolments

This three-year programme builds upon the Foundation Diploma and prepares students for careers as practitioners in the media design industries.

Bachelors of Arts – GRAPHIC DESIGN – 2017/2018 ENROLMENTS

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Year 2

Semester 1 (18 credits)

CourseCourse titleCRHTHST
DES 201History of Art3.006
GRD 224Sketching and Drawing skills3.030
GRD 231Typography I3.014
GRD 261Graphic Design I:Information Graphics3.022
GRD 222Digital Illustration3.006
LAR 101Arabic Language : Compulsory Liberal Arts Course 3.030

Semester 2 (15 credits)

CourseCourse titleCRHTHST
GRD 201History of Visual Communication3.030
DES 241Photography Techniques3.014
GRD 263Graphic Design II:Publication and Editorial Design3.006
GRD 223Animation3.014
LAR 121History of Bahrain : Compulsory Liberal Arts Course3.030

Year 3

Semester 1 (18 credits) 

CourseCourse titleCRHTHST
DES 353Business Simulation & Marketing3.030
GRD 331Typography II 3.014
GRD 363Graphic Design III:3D Graphics3.022
GRD 323Web Design3.014
DES 332History of Islamic Art3.0  
 LAR 112Human Rights  : Compulsory Liberal Arts Course3.030

Semester 2 (18 credits)

CourseCourse titleCRHTHST
DES 354Introduction to Design Management3.030
GRD 324Motion Graphics3.006
GRD 364Graphic Design IV:Corporate Branding Identity3.014
GRD 325Middle Eastern Visual Culture & Arabic Typography3.014
 DES 399Internship / Graphic Design3.006
 Liberal Arts3.030

Year 4

Semester 1 (18 credits)

CourseCourse titleCRHTHST
DES 431Professional Practice3.030
GRD 462Graphic Design V: Packaging Design3.022
GRD 498Final Project Part I: Research and Concept3.014
 Elective 13.014
 Elective 23.006
 Liberal Arts3.03 

Semester 2 (15 credits)

CourseCourse titleCRHTHST
DES 492Portfolio and Website Production3.014
GRD 499Final Year Project II: Design & Presentation6.0Guided
 Liberal Arts3.030
 Liberal Arts3.030


CourseCourse titlePre - requisiteCRHTHST
GRD 401Digital Media GRD 3233.014
GRD 402Video ProductionGRD 2223.006
GRD 403Web DevelopmentGRD 3233.006
GRD 404Marketing & Consumer BehaviorDES 3533.006
GRD 4053D AnimationGRD 3633.0  
GRD 406Interactive DesignGRD 3233.0  

More Elective courses will be added in due course of time as per the need.