Message from the Manager

The University Library, in its new, improved, 21st century form, is even more vital a part of the University environment than ever.

Welcome to RUW library,

As a part of university environment the role of university library, in its new improved 21st century environment is more vital than ever. In this era of Internet, when the Information and communication technologies are changing so fast and electronic publishing and digitization has increased the overwhelming volume of information available, libraries are not able to provide access to the vast published, academic information. 

Today the focus of libraries have changed from ‘acquisition’ to ‘access’ and one of the keys to success at University and in subsequent life pursuits is the ability to find, organize and deploy information effectively. While Academic Libraries use to focus on providing books, journals and other print materials in support of the students' course work, the priority now is to train students to be independent information literate citizens. Most university students consider themselves to be proficient internet users. However, when a simple Google search on a phrase like "Islamic Finance" returns over a million records, it becomes clear that there is more to it than just quick surf through the web. This information proliferation is not confined to the internet only.

The Royal University for Women (RUW) Library is an integral part of the University learning environment, where the staff is actively engaged in guiding students in the learning process and increasing the potential of students, Along with providing thousands of printed books, journals, electronic databases, and other resources in support of courses offered, library provides information and nurtures information literacy skills to enable RUW students to navigate and surf the needful information effectively. Library offer a space that inspires exchange of ideas and collaboration on projects, a bustling, intellectually stimulating atmosphere of the university experience along with space for individual studies and separate research cabins  for research work.

My dream is that RUW will produce graduates who are self-sufficient in surfing information and will never, ever ask the question "Does a University really need a Library?"


 Dr. Muthumathi Dharuman

Library Manager