Interior Design – 2017/2018 Enrolments

This three-year programme builds upon the Foundation Diploma and prepares students to be thoughtful and forward-looking interior design practitioners.

Bachelors of Arts – INTERIOR DESIGN – 2017/2018 ENROLMENTS

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Year 2

Semester 1 (15 credits)

CourseCourse titleCRHTHST
DES 201History of Art3.006
IDN 261Technical Drawings I3.014
IDN 271Materials for Interior Design3.014
IDN 281Interior Design Project I: Residential Design3.014
LAR 101Arabic Language : Complusory Liberal Arts Course3.030

Semester 2 (18 credits)

CourseCourse titleCRHTHST
DES 241Photography Techniques3.030
IDN 292History of Interior Design and Furniture3.014
IDN 262Technical Drawings II3.014
IDN 221CAD for Interior Design 13.014
IDN 282Interior Design Project II: Sustainable Design3.014
LAR 121History of Bahrain : Compulsory Liberal Arts Course3.030

Year 3

Semester 1 (18 credits)

CourseCourse titleCRHTHST
DES 353Business Simulation & Marketing3.030
IDN 332History of Islamic Art3.006
IDN 322CAD for Interior 2 3.022
IDN 381Interior Environmental Systems3.014
IDN 393Interior Design Project III:Commercial Design3.0  
LAR 112Human Rights : Compulsory Liberal Arts Course3.014

Semester 2 (18 credits)

CourseCourse titleCRHTHST
DES 354Introduction to Design Management3.030
IDN 394Interior Design Project IV: Hospitality Design3.006
IDN 382Interior Construction and Building system3.022
DES 399Internship / Interior Design3.014
 Liberal Arts3.030
 Liberal Arts3.030

Year 4

Semester 1 (18 credits)

CourseCourse titleCRHTHST
DES 431Professional Practice3.030
IDN 495Interior Design Project V: Sustainable Design3.014
IDN 498Final Year Project I:Research & Concept3.014
 Elective 13.014
 Elective 23.014

Semester 2 (15 credits)

CourseCourse titleCRHTHST
DES 492Portfolio and Website Design3.014
IDN 483Quantities, Documentation, and Specifications3.0Guided
IDN 499Final Year Project II:Design & Presentation6.0Guided
 Liberal Arts3.03 

Elective Courses (6 credits)

CourseCourse titlepre - requisitesCRHTHST
 IDN 401Furniture DesignIDN 2713.014
 IDN 402Advanced Detailing and Construction Drawings  IDN 3823.014
 IDN 403Textiles for Interior DesignIDN 2713.030
 IDN 405Advanced Computer GraphicsIDN 3223.006
 IDN 406Historic Preservation and ConservationIDN 2923.030
 IDN 407Theory of Color and Light