Prof.Mazin Jumaah, Royal University for Women President, awarded the the Presidential Honorary Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from West Virginia University, USA

05,Jan 2017


In a prestigious graduation ceremony held in West Virginia University, USA, Prof.Mazin Jumaah, President of Royal University for Women received the Presidential Honorary Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from the state of West Virginia, USA . 


In the attendance of over 3000 officials, academics and West Virginia University students the commencement ceremony started with Dr.Gordon Gee , President of West Virginia University USA , addressing the graduates prior to introducing Prof.Mazin Jumaah to the attendees, mentioning the strong relations between the two universities as well as describing Prof.Mazin as a true leader , who strives for excellence, and as an individual who has made great strides in supporting education as well as as a role model for all students . Dr Gee praised the growing relations between West Virginia University and Royal University for Women, describing the Royal University for Women as an international level university that is dedicated solely to educating women with the ideal education environment. Dr.Gordon Gee then described Prof.Mazin Jumaah as an inspiration and his continuing strive for excellence as a standard for all to aspire to achieve. 


Prof Mazin Jumaah was then bestowed with the band of honour and the Honorary Doctorate in Higher Education Administration. Addressing the crowd Prof.Mazin described this achievement as a great honour and expressed his pride in attaining this degree.  Prof.Mazin stressed the importance of education and thanked the Board of Governors of West Virginia University and President Dr.Gordon Gee for bestowing him with the degree, stating he is humbled by the recognition for his achievements and contribution to education and is honoured by the selection and acknowledgment. The speech by Prof.Mazin was received enthusiastically, as the graduation ceremony then continued in a celebratory and triumphant commencement ceremony.


Reflecting on the accomplishment post event, Prof.Mazin Jumaah thanked the support of all his peers and team, acknowledging that even though it is a personal award it is viewed by himself as a collective award for the Kingdom of Bahrain and Royal University for Women and as a testament for the great strides in education that has been achieved throughout recent years in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Prof.Mazin Jumaah thanked the Royal University for Women Board Members, academics, administration and students for their continual support and strong teamwork that facilitate the ideal environment to achieve educational goals and strive together towards excellence.  


An honorary doctorate is awarded to an individual who makes notable contributions to society; previous awardees include distinguished researchers, politicians, entrepreneurs and scientists as they receive acknowledgment for their exemplary accomplishments and achievements that serve a greater good.

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