Pink Ribbon Sale for Breast Cancer Awareness

24,Oct 2016

Pink Ribbon Sale for Breast Cancer Awareness

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month - 

Breast Cancer Awareness Drive success at Royal University for Women

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Royal University for Women (RUW) held a Breast Cancer Awareness Drive throughout of month of October with various activities and events organized by the Office of Student Affairs and the RUW Student Council.  

The month long drive kicked off in the first week of October with an Artwork competition where students submitted artwork in support of the drive on different media such as canvases, t-shirts and mugs.  This was followed by a bake sale was along with a charity breakfast and a Pink Ribbon sale with all the proceeds donated to a local charity. 

On October 18th the ‘Think Pink’ drive culminated with a lecture by renowned Consultant General Breast Oncoplastic surgeon Dr. Sara Al Reefy. The lecture attended by students and academics and focused on early detection and provided extensive information on raising awareness and precautionary measures. A workshop, as well as a yoga session and a ‘Pink Fashion Show’ followed the lecture. 

Reflecting on the events and efforts of the students and RUW members, Dr. Mona Suri, Academic Vice President, reiterated the importance of raising awareness about Breast Cancer and commending the role played by the Student Council members in promoting the event. Prof. Mazin Jumah, President, stated “We encourage the students to take an active role in drives and campaigns that raise awareness and benefit society. I am proud of the students as they constantly think of creative and innovative ways to raise awareness and engage their fellow students”.

Ms. Hind Bucheeri, a student of College of Business and Financial Sciences expressed her delight on the success of the event and the initiative to raise awareness about such an important cause. This enthusiasm was supported by second year Architecture student Aysha Murad who submitted a winning artwork for the Breast Cancer Awareness Drive and reiterated the importance of raising awareness above all else and commended RUW on the cooperative and enthusiastic spirit throughout the month.