Royal University for Women Students make Bahrain Proud

05,Dec 2018

The students of the Royal University for Women have demonstrated their skills and abilities in achieving and competing on the regional and international level by representing the Kingdom of Bahrain in and RUW in competitions which have been able to outperform many of their peers from different countries and raise the name of the Kingdom of Bahrain highly. The most recent is the victory of student Ms Sheikha Al-Abbasi, where she received Gold medal in the Graphic Design Technology Skill at the World Skills Asia Competition held in Abu Dhabi.


Sheikha Al-Abbasi, who is studying her fourth year of graphic design at the College of Arts and Design in the Royal University for Women, was awarded the Gold medal in the adult category in the first Asian skills competition held in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, an international competition involving 20 countries across Asia such as Japan, Korea and China.

In addition, RUW’s INJAZ Team “TaaWin” represented Kingdom of Bahrain in the 12th Young Entrepreneurs Competition 2018 in Kuwait by INJAZ Al-Arab, in which they have received the Best Product Award. The award of the best product in the university category for an innovative book called "RestnGo", a lightweight book can be converted to a seat, A side table, a footrest or a piece of decoration in public places, houses and offices. TaaWin team won the best company award in INJAZ Bahrain earlier this year 2018.


Commenting on these achievements, the Acting President of the Royal University for Women, Dr. David Stewart, expressed his pride in the achievements of the university students and their representation of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the regional and international competitions. He stressed that “RUW students acquire the skills and experience from the university activities and courses we give in the highest level. We always strive to provide our students with the best academic environment that allows excellence and competitiveness, we expose them to many activities enrich their professional experience, and most importantly, we provide all forms of support for students to reach the expected perfect educational outcomes. Following the university's vision and mission, and in line with the educational process and achievements under the visions and goals of the wise leadership of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the field of higher education."


Dr. Stewart added: "Today we reap the fruits of these endeavors, and the best investment in education is to invest in students and activities that shape their profession very well. I congratulate my daughters on their efficiency and victory and congratulate them on raising the flag of Bahrain in these forums”.


It is indeed a matter of pride for RUW that the students have acheived excellence and have made the Kingdom of Bahrain proud.