RUW Students Start their academic life with the Orientation Day

16,Sep 2018

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) at the Royal University for Women (RUW) held its annual Student Orientation Programme for the academic year 2018/2019 in RUW campus in West Riffa. 

RUW Acting President Dr. David Stewart welcomed the new students and wished them success in their Academic journey at RUW. In his message to new students and their families Dr. Stewart highlighted the highest quality of education that is provided by RUW to all students which makes it the best private university in the Kingdom of Bahrain, dedicated solely to educate and empower generations of women. Dr. Stewart reiterated to students and parents that RUW achieved this milestone with it being the first private university in Kingdom of Bahrain Accredited by the HEC, along with it being accredited by ASIC and recommended and accredited by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Sultanate of Oman.

This was followed by a speech by Mrs. Sameeneh Shirazie, The Director of Student Affairs, where she welcomed students and their families explaining the various services, clubs and extra-curricular activities organized by the office as well as the facilities available to their use. She stressed that the Royal University for Women fosters a spirit of cooperation and warmth that encourages the students to grow and explore all the options available to them as students of the university. Mrs. Sameeneh also mentioned the supporting facilities on offer at the university such as the student affairs office, the social counsellor, the health clinic, the residence, and the sports center that hosts a 600 seater stadium and a swimming pool and gymnasium.

Representatives of student Council were on hand to introduce the new members to their respective clubs. Following the formal event, PR staff assisted by members of the RUW Student Council took new students on a campus tour and showing them the facilities including the Library, Residence Halls, Art and Design Exhibition Center, Learning Center, Gym, Sports Centre & Stadium, Cafeteria and newly opened restaurants and retail spaces.