Virtual Classrooms Drive Engagement at RUW

16,Mar 2020

Royal University for Women (‘RUW”), the kingdom’s first private university accredited by the Higher Education Council (HEC), has announced that its move to deliver all of its undergraduate and postgraduate classes online amid COVID19 concerns has been a great success.

RUW joins numerous Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) around the world, such as Harvard University, Ohio State University, the University of Virginia and the University of Michigan, in moving classes online, a shift that is unprecedented in the history of higher education.

Commenting on the move, Acting President of the University, Dr. David Stewart, said: “As we adapt our teaching and learning methods in line with the kingdom’s wise leadership in dealing with the COVID19 situation, top of mind for RUW was how to best support our students and faculty, and maintain the University’s personalized approach to education.”

He added: “We found that students embraced the shift to online learning. It makes sense, our students have grown up surrounded by technology. They are used to big technological changes and adapt quickly to updates, and this is the case with our recent shift to our virtual learning space, Moodle. I am pleased to announce that we are witnessing increasingly high levels of class attendance and engagement amongst our students with online learning seemingly synergistic with RUW’s immersive, engaging and personalized approach.”