Projected Grades

Projected Grades

·      A student’s projected grade for a course section will be calculated using the student’s grades for the course activities which the instructor has chosen to count toward the final grade.

·       Student’s projected final grades will be displayed online via PowerCampus self-service system on the faculty Grading page, on the students’ Grade Reports, and for advisors.

·       If the student has received a grade for at least one course activity, the system can calculate the final grade the student is projected to earn for the course.

·       All graded activities will be used to calculate the projected grade for a course. No activities are dropped.

·       The system will display the projected Score for the course and the corresponding letter Grade, according to the specified Final Grade Mappings.

·       The projected grade will be listed until the end of the last teaching week of each Academic semester.

·       The projected grade calculations are NOT and should not be considered your official final course grade, Official final grade will be reported at the end of the Academic Semester.