Synthesis Fashion Show

05,Dec 2019

Synthesis Fashion Show: Fusion of Bahraini and Malaysian Cultures

In conjunction with the 45th anniversary of Malaysia-Bahrain Diplomatic Relations and

under the patronage of Her Excellency Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed AlKhalifa,

President of Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA), the Embassy of

Malaysia and the Royal University for Women held Synthesis Fashion Show, on

Thursday, December 5 th , 2019, at 7.00 pm at the Bahrain Conference Centre, Crowne

Plaza Hotel, Manama.

HE Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed AlKhalifa stated that “fashion through the fusion of the

two cultures in the form of clothing and cultural expression is an excellent opportunity to

celebrate the milestone of 45th Anniversary of Malaysia-Bahrain Diplomatic Relations. It

exemplifies the close relationship Bahrain has built with Malaysia throughout the past 45

years- and many more to come.”

HE Shaikha Main bint Mohammed Al Khalifa delegated Mrs Huda Al Alawi, Director of

Communications & Promotions in Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities to attend

the event.

HE Ambassador Agus Salim Yusof expressed his appreciation to HE Shaikha Mai bint

Mohammed AlKhalifa for her acceptance to be the Patron, and to the Royal University

for Women for coming up with the idea to organise this wonderful show, as an event to

mark 45 th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Relations

between Malaysia and Bahrain have developed in various areas throughout the years

including cultural exchanges. Through this event, one aspect of culture of both countries

was given the prominence.

Dr. David Stewart, President RUW, is honored and very happy to be working with the

Embassy of Malaysia and his Excellency Ambassador Agus Salim bin Yusof to

celebrate the 45th anniversary of Malaysia-Bahrain Diplomatic Relations. The rich,


multicultural nature of both countries provides a context which will make this fashion

show very unique and exciting.


Dr Mona Suri, the Academic Vice President who initiated the close ties between RUW

and the Malaysian Embassy in 2010 sees this as an excellent opportunity to link

academic and diplomacy through the strong cultural ties.

Designs on the stage showcased a synthesis of the traditional wear of the two

countries. Each collection was an appreciation of beauty, handicraft and accessories

from Malaysia and Bahrain. There were in total five collections named as “Budaya”- a

collection of traditional Malaysian costumes along with accessories and head pieces

were presented which reflected the richness of the Malaysian culture. The collection

contained different styles wore by Men and Women in Malaysia. “Jalwa”- was another

collection showcasing traditional Bahraini women costumes and accessories. The

collection contained different styles of Jellabiya for women inspired from the traditional

Bahraini Thawb and embroidered with traditional motifs in golden and silver threads.

“Roots”- Contemporary traditional wear, and “Ubiquitous”- All time wear, showcased an

amalgamation between the Malaysian and Bahraini traditional costumes to create a

collections, inspired by Malaysian fabrics and traditional Bahraini silhouettes and vice

versa. Some of the designs were made from Malaysian Batilk and Songket mixed with

materials and accessories from Bahrain and Malaysia. The last collection of the show-

“Panache”- Elegant evening wear, was a mesmerizing collection showcasing a draped

collection to reflect the richness in both the cultures.

So from pure traditional wear, to trendy casual wear and evening wear, this show

presented the creative extravaganza of the students and alumnae of Bachelor of Arts in

Fashion Design, College of Art and Design, Royal University for Women, Riffa, Bahrain.

Royal University for Women is the first private, purpose-built, international University in

the Kingdom of Bahrain. The College of Art and Design is a home to some of the most

exciting, creative and innovative programmes at the university. It offers- four


specialisations at UG level namely Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design,

and Architectural Design. At the post graduate level we have Masters of Design

Management and Masters of Fine Art in Drawing & Painting. Both Masters’ programmes

are first of their kind in this region, designed with high placement potential and to create

effective, efficient and pro-active professionals.

The collections for this show were created under the able supervision of the Design

team at RUW, under the Deanship of Dr. Shweta Kinra, and team of Dr. Nessreen

Elmelegy- Head-Design, Dr. Nidhi Goyal and Ms. Noora Albinfalah.

The show was attended by dignitaries’ diplomats, guests, students and academics.

The show was supported by Awal Press, ALDO and ALDO accessories, Four square,

Diva Saloon, and Inglot.