Viewing Your Academic Plan

Viewing Your Academic Plan

You can view information about your current academic plan.

1. Select the Register tab.

2. Select the Academic Plan menu item.

3. Select the Academic Plan you want to view.

The plan lists levels of information:

• The name of your Program, Degree, and Curriculum will appear with a summary of the course and credit information compiled for each associated Discipline and Classification.


Typically Lists


Your current status for the course:

 -You have completed the course and have received a grade that meets the minimum grade requirement.

 -  You have registered for the course but have not yet received a grade.


Below Min - You received a grade that does not meet the minimum grade requirement.

Select  or   to display more information about the course in your Academic Plan. In addition to the Year, Term, Course ID, Sub Type, Name, Credits, and Status, which are already listed on the Academic Plan page, you will see the Session and Section numbers, and your Final Grade (if you completed the course).


The number of the course is displayed as a link to more information about the course.


The course title.

Sub Type

The type of course (for example, lecturelab).


The number of credits you will earn upon completion of the course.

Min Grade

The minimum grade you must earn in order for the course to fulfill the classification requirement


Whether you must complete the course in order to fulfill the classification requirement.