College of Law - Mission

The major of Law provides a programme that is globally oriented, addresses the needs of the local market, and also leads to international careers.


The College Law plays an integral role in the achievement of RUW's main mission of excellence, providing the scientific knowledge and offering a teaching methodology that brings harmony between our well-established Middle Eastern values and the old democratic value system of the West.

Our College provides a teaching that is globally oriented, addresses the needs of the local market, and also leads to international careers. Our program provides a minimum of 60% of the courses in English, for in today's world, fluency in foreign languages is a key to success.

Law studies open many paths for the students: their studies can take them to domestic law related professions such as lawyers, judges, public notaries, legal consultants, or employees in Public Administration. The International field will also be available for them and they might choose to become diplomats, international lawyers or judges, or to work in international organizations. Our students will be trained on all branches of legal studies, and will, hence, be capable of leading any legal careers with success; they will receive an education that surveys all major legal topics. However, to stay in tune with the local market and it needs, we will focus on business law and related subjects.

The College of Law, like all Faculties at RUW, enhances the intellectual capacity of the students by encouraging critical thinking through a teaching methodology based on research and practical exercises for a better understanding of legal theories. RUW's mission is to train students to lead, and the College of Law will include its students in the numerous academic activities, seminars and conferences that are held locally or at partner institutions abroad. Academic travels are part of the curriculum and elective courses including global learning are offered to increase student self confidence. Our College will also guide students in inter-university competitions where RUW will take part.

As part of the learning process, the College of Law encourages students' participation to the development of community life as part of their personal development, based on the values of academic excellence and positive cooperation with local and international partners. Internships are, hence, part of the curriculum and the College will assist students in finding the best opportunities.

Our curriculum is in tune with those of leading Law Faculties in the world and is designed to connect the local with the global outlooks, constantly promoting and pursuing cooperation and exchanges of expertise and students with leading universities in the US and Europe. We have excellent cooperation conventions with prestigious universities in the world.

Our programs are implemented by highly qualified professors from different countries and different legal backgrounds. They will bring their diversified expertise to prepare our students for the modern legal world through regular participation in international seminars, scholarly research and publication, and by keeping our students informed of latest advances in the legal field.

The whole College of Law Team is committed to the success of Law students. We hope that the young women who will graduate from this College will prove to be real leaders in their community and participate in the overall development of their country.



The RUW College of Law aims to become a regional leading institution in legal studies. The programme in tune with international standards and the curriculum reviewed by well reputed international Universities will prepare the College of Law graduates to become legal experts and leaders who are engaged members of their society. The College of Law graduate will have an excellent legal knowledge and she will be confident and forward thinking in order to join postgraduate studies as well as legal careers, international institutions or many other job opportunities.